The Proposal

kris_and_terrance-5The proposal happened at one of our favorite places, the beach! We had taken advantage of a great deal and booked a trip including a stay in Ft. Lauderdale, a cruise, and a stay on Grand Bahamas Island. This was the first true vacation that we had taken together. I travel a lot for work, so every other trip involved working, meetings, trips with relatives, or our class reunion. Little did I know, he had big plans for this trip.

We flew to Ft. Lauderdale to stay for a couple of days before our cruise. We arrived on August 20, 2013. After checking in to our hotel we explored and decided to eat. I noticed that he was holding on to his backpack like his life depended on it. He got up to go to the restroom and told me “Watch my backpack. Make sure that you watch my backpack!” I was like “Ok!” I didn’t think much of it, but I wondering to myself “What is the deal with the backpack?”

After lunch he suggested that we go for a walk on the beach. The beautiful shore of Ft. Lauderdale was the setting of the proposal. He did good! I was surprised for sure. We walked along the sand. I was doing my usual, taking pictures of the view, when he starting asking me to help him look for sea shells. He asked a couple of times, but I was in my own world fooling with my phone to take a photo. I finally turned around thinking “What is with the dang sea shells?” Then I let out a squeal because he was on one knee holding a sea shell ring box! Of course I said yes, and proceeded to cover him in kisses.

Within moments he was saying “Let’s update our Facebook statuses!” I said “Wait! I need to make a couple of phone calls first!” I was not going to get beat up by my bestie because she found out from Facebook! He said that he thought about doing it once we got to the Bahamas, but he didn’t think that we would have internet or phone access and he knows that I would have wanted to tell the world right away. I said, “You know me so well.” 🙂

The rest of our trip was fantastic! We cruised, we spent a couple of days on the island, and we had a great time.

This video shows a little bit of our island romance. 🙂

I’m looking forward to building more memories together. 😉