About Us


20 Fun Facts About Us

  1. We met in high school
  2. We love the summer heat
  3. We love to grill
  4. We know that we look alike
  5. We love to dance
  6. We love house music
  7. We love to cruise
  8. We love to travel
  9. We are both Tauruses, so…
  10. We are both stubborn
  11. We drive each other nuts
  12. We drive each other crazy
  13. We love our Chucks
  14. We love tacos
  15. We still feel like we are 25
  16. We can’t swim, but…
  17. We love the beach
  18. We really love the ocean
  19. We think it was fate
  20. We figured out a long time ago that we are destined to be together (and drive each other nuts along the way)